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French and Italian poetry contest!

The French and Italian Division of the Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas is sponsoring its ANNUAL POETRY CONTEST!

Three prizes will be given to the best poem in each of four groups:

Group I: students enrolled in French 101 or 102 and Italian 102

Group II: students enrolled in French 201 or 202 and Italian 202

Group III: students enrolled in one of the French 300 or 400 sections

Group IV: graduate students

For each group: First prize= $60, Second prize= $30, Third prize= T-shirt.

The prize winners and the best poems will appear this Spring 2018 in "Vers/Versi," our poetry magazine, sponsored by the University of Hawai‘i.

** This semester’s deadline: Friday, March 23, 2018 **

Length, subject matter and form are up to you. There are only two rules:

  • You must be currently attending a French or Italian course.

  • Your poem must be written in French or Italian.

Submit your entries by e-mail to with your name, your ID number, and appropriate group number.

Start to work on your masterpiece now. Try your hand at using your French or Italian as a poet!

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